Biden Says His Family Tried To Help Chinese Firm Buy American Energy Assets

September 28, 2023

James Biden, brother of President Joe Biden, just spilled the beans.

The Biden family is just as guilty as you think it is.

James Biden confirmed to the FBI in an interview that the first family, including Hunter Biden, "tried unsuccessfully to help a Chinese company buy U.S. energy assets and did so believing the firm's leader was tied directly to Communist Chinese President Xi Jinping."

Republicans fear that everything about the Biden family selling out Americans for years could all be true.

Georgia Republican Rep. Austin Scott even thinks that such activities by Biden should be considered "treasonous."

"It just means it's even worse than even I thought it was that they would go that far. If you look at some of those ports in Louisiana, and I don't have a map in front of me, but like Port Fourchon, that area of Louisiana, just a tremendous portion of the energy that we use inside the United States come comes through those hubs," Scott said. "And the idea that you would help the Chinese acquire assets in that area to give, you know, an adversary... the ability to control the energy supply inside the United States... I don't understand how much more of a traitor you could be than to do such a thing."

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