Biden name draws boos from union members after president walks picket line

September 30, 2023

Though Democrats and members of the media heralded the “historic” nature of President Joe Biden's recent picket line show of union solidarity in Michigan, not everyone was so impressed, with the sound of boos clearly heard when his appearance was later referenced by former President Donald Trump, as Breitbart reports.

On Tuesday, Biden made his way to Wayne County, where members of the United Auto Workers (UAW) continued their action against Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis.

While there, Biden stood shoulder-to-shoulder with striking workers and addressed the crowd with a bullhorn while sporting a baseball cap, as The Hill noted.

With UAW president Shawn Fain on hand, Biden told those assembled, “You deserve a hell of a lot more than what you're getting paid now.”

Urging picketers not to give up on their demands, Biden said, “Stick with it, because you deserve the significant raise you need and other benefits.”

Despite the photo opportunity with a gaggle of union members who stood next to him and cheered his remarks, there was later a distinctive chorus of boos to be heard from union workers, many of whom attribute issues within the auto industry to the electric vehicle mandates Biden champions.

Those jeers came in response to comments made by Trump, who visited Michigan the following day, slamming what he characterized as the president's brazenly opportunistic pandering session.

Speaking to a group in Clinton Township, Trump said, “Yesterday, Joe Biden came to Michigan to pose for photos at the picket line. But it's his policies that send Michigan autoworkers to the unemployment line.”

Trump emphasized the fact that Biden's Tuesday trip to the Great Lakes State was announced only after the former president declared that he had plans to travel to speak with UAW members about the strike action.

“He only came after I announced that I would be here,” Trump said.

The former commander in chief went on, “You know, he announced quite a bit later, spoke for a few seconds...and he had absolutely no idea what he was saying.”

“He didn't know where he was,” Trump jabbed.

Pointing out the harm he believes Biden's environmental policies on electric vehicles are doing to the auto industry, Trump drew applause by stating, “Hundreds of thousands of American jobs, your jobs, will be gone forever because Crooked Joe Biden is selling out.”

“You can be loyal to American labor, or you can be loyal to the environmental lunatics, but you can't really be loyal to both. It's one or the other,” and given that the union has yet to formally endorse Biden's reelection bid, there may well be many members of the rank and file who agree and plan to act accordingly at the ballot box.

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