Biden Judicial Nominee Stumped By Simple Questions

November 17, 2023

A Biden judicial nominee just took the word embarrassing to a whole new level.

Sara E. Hill, the president's pick to become the district judge for the Northern District of Oklahoma, was asked what should have been a simple question during her confirmation hearing.

She was asked to define two basic legal terms.

Was Hill able to provide the definitions?

She was not.

Hill was asked to explain the difference between a “stay” and an “injunction” order.

Those are things someone working as a judge should absolutely know.

So, what did Hill have to say?

"A stay order would prohibit, um, sorry. An injunction would restrain the parties from taking action. A stay order… I'm not sure I can, actually can, can give you that," she said.

She’s just not sure.

Well, we are sure. We are sure she is not the right person for the job!

Again, a nominee tapped by Biden has proved themselves incapable and underqualified.

What do you think of Hill’s response?

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