Zuckerberg Strikes Deal To Reenter Chinese Market

 November 15, 2023


Two of the biggest violators of individual privacy that the world has ever seen are joining forces.

Mark Zuckerberg is doing business in China.

After not having his products in the Asian power for the last 14 years, Zuckerberg is returning to partner up with Tencent Holdings to launch a new virtual reality headset in China.

The new headset, which aims to be more affordable than many headsets on the market, is attempting to "make advanced virtual reality technology accessible to a broader segment of consumers. The device will feature cutting-edge lenses and a more powerful graphic processing unit compared to its predecessor, Quest 2."

Hopefully, Zuckerberg is able to avoid selling out Americans while he's trying to make his next billion dollars, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

Facebook already collects and sells more of our data than they ever should, and China's government is even worse about things like that.

What do you think about this partnership.

Will Zuckerberg be willing to protect Americans?

Or does the fact that he ever made this deal in the first place show that he has no problem selling out his fellow countrymen?