White House attempts to defend Joe Biden telling same story twice within minutes in embarrassing episode

September 25, 2023

President Joe Biden went to a New York City fundraiser on Wednesday, and during that event, he seemed to lose track of the evening and told a story about why he chose to run for the Oval Office twice within minutes.

When reporters questioned White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre about the bizarre episode, she claimed that the president was simply emphasizing why he chose to seek the top job. 

Jean-Pierre claimed, "The president was making very clear why he decided to run in 2019. He made it very clear as to what he saw in this country and what was going on."

However, the transcript from the event indicates that the president seemingly forgot that he had told his story and immediately launched into a second delivery.

The president wasn't continuing his story and building upon it, he was repeating it as if he had a mental lapse. Obviously, Jean-Pierre didn't want to talk too much about that as the White House is careful to avoid discussing Biden's mental capabilities.

President Biden can't even get through a fundraiser without losing his mind, and yet Democrats want him to run the country for four more years.

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