Trump's campaign accused of dropping off bag of bird seed and bird cage with Nikki Haley after "birdbrain" attack

October 2, 2023

Former President Donald Trump's campaign allegedly dropped off a bag of birdseed and a cage outside GOP presidential hopeful Nikki Haley's hotel room in Des Moines, Iowa after Trump called her "Birdbrain Nikki Haley."

Trump wrote, "'I will never run against our great President,' she said, 'he has done an outstanding job.' To which I responded, 'How nice of you to say, Nikki,' knowing full well that her words mean nothing. She even came to Mar-a-Lago with her family, 'bearing gifts.' Anyway, Birdbrain doesn’t have the TALENT or TEMPERAMENT to do the job. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

While it has yet to be confirmed if the Trump campaign was actually behind this stunt, the cage did have a message saying "From: Trump Campaign."

Betsy Ankney, Haley's campaign manager, said, "This behavior is weird, creepy, and desperate from a former president feeling the pressure. It’s more proof that it’s time to leave the drama behind. America is better than this. Let’s go."

The assertion that Trump is somehow desperate when he is destroying his competition by double digits is a bit far-fetched.

Haley's campaign is a distraction, and she has shown nothing to convince Americans that she could be president. As for whether Trump really pulled off a stunt like this, it wouldn't be the most surprising thing he has ever done.

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