Trump Requests Mistrial In NY Civil Fraud Case

November 16, 2023

Former President Donald Trump has officially requested a mistrial in the New York civil fraud trial involving his business empire known as the Trump Organization.

The motion for a mistrial represents just the latest conflict between Trump and Judge Arthur Engoron.

Engoron has been an enemy of conservatives ever since he issued a gag order on America's former president. He should have been before that as well, as the judge has been donating thousands and thousands of dollars to liberals throughout the years.

The jurist has already fined Trump $15,000 for two violations of this order.

Trump's team argued that Engoron's gag order, aimed to protect the judge's law clerk, was evidence of him stepping over the line and exhibiting bias.

"This Court has also impermissibly exceeded its discretion in granting his Principal Law Clerk unprecedented status and input into these proceedings and restricted the speech of anyone who seeks to comment on this status, input and/or perceived partisan bias," Trump's lawyers said while filing for the mistrial.

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