State Representative Mike Glanton Resigns After 14 Years

 January 26, 2023

In Georgia, a Clayton County Democrat from the state's House of Representatives is resigning.

Rep. Mike Glanton of Jonesboro served 14 years in the House across two separate stints.

Governor Brian Kemp issued a proclamation on Jan. 23 stating that there would be a special election in March to replace Glanton.

The election is set to be held on March 21, with candidates from all parties running against each other. If no candidate secures a majority, a runoff election has to occur. Such a thing happening could mean that the district goes unrepresented for the current session, which ends on March 29.

Glanton was first elected to the State's House in 2006 and served two terms.

He then made an unsuccessful run for the state Senate before he was chosen for the state House in 2012.

Just recently, in November 2022, Glanton won reelection with almost 90% of the vote. claims to have been unsuccessful at reaching Glanton for comment.