'Serial killer' prostitute arrested in Ohio, suspected of four murders, robberies

 October 29, 2023

Police arrested 33-year-old Rebecca Auborn, who has been described as a "serial killer" prostitute suspected of killing four men and robbing them by giving them fentanyl without their knowledge.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost stated during an interview on Tuesday, "For me, if you’ve got somebody that has a series of killings that are separated in time, they’re a serial killer. We have the same MO here. Could there be arguments about whether that fits? Pick your definition, and it fits, or it doesn’t."

In addition to the four killings for which Auborn has been indicted, she is also facing charges related to a fifth attempted killing that her victim survived.

Auborn's modus operandi would be to meet men at a hotel for sex and then give them drugs containing fentanyl of which her victims weren't aware. Then she would rob her victims after they overdosed.

Police are still investigating to determine whether there are other victims, as Auborn is a known sex worker and likely had many other encounters.

In a press release, Yost warned the public saying "Don’t buy sex in Ohio -- it ruins lives and could cost you yours."