Senate Votes To Overturn Biden Rules

November 11, 2023

The Senate has passed a disapproval resolution overturning the Biden administration's decision to waive "Buy America" requirements for government-funded electric charges.

Joe Biden was CLEARLY up to no good here.

He's been pushing electric vehicles for a WHILE, insisting that they were the way forward for America.

As part of his proof that electric vehicles were better than rolling coal, he said that the "Buy America" requirements would make sure that the money from this transition stayed right here in America.

Well, just a short time later, Biden is trying to send those dollars he PROMISED would stay in America to China.

"We are now facing, under this waiver they're requesting, the real prospect that significant portions of the $5 billion that are going to go to electric vehicle charging stations are going to be spent on Chinese companies," said Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida during debate on the floor over the issue.

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