Republicans move to block Palestinians from entering the United States over lack of trust in Joe Biden

November 6, 2023

Representative Ryan Zinke (R-MT) has introduced legislation that would stop Palestinians from entering the United States because he has "zero confidence" that President Biden's administration can properly vet anyone entering the country.

Zinke's legislation, titled the Safeguarding Americans from Extremism, or SAFE, Act would completely shut down the Biden administration's reckless immigration policy.

Zinke told Breitbart News Washington Bureau Chief Matthew Boyle, "This is the harshest immigration bill, targeted not so much at Gaza, but on this administration’s incompetency to vet anybody. I have zero confidence in this administration. They didn’t vet leaving out of Afghanistan. They certainly don’t vet at our southern border, and we know in Gaza, there are known terrorists in there, and there is no vetting. So this is the harshest bill, all stop; anyone with a Palestinian Authority passport, you’re out of here."

Zinke further explained, "Look, there are hundreds of people on the terrorist watchlist that we found; who knows how many we haven’t, and their sympathizers. We see it in the halls of Congress. I have nothing against the Palestinian people; I really don’t. To me, innocent are innocent, and I follow the book of Matthew, but I can tell you what, in this case, Israel’s on fire, and we don’t have any vetting because this administration is not capable of vetting and they have shown that they do not vet."

American lives are put at risk when there isn't an effective vetting process in place to ensure terrorists aren't allowed into the United States.

Anyone coming from Gaza must be heavily vetted because of the integration between Hamas and the Gazan people.

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