Pro-Palestinian Protesters Disrupt Senate Hearing

November 1, 2023

It's disgusting, but there are actually Americans out there who don't seem to understand what's going on across the pond.

These confused individuals are actually standing in opposition to Israel, and it's something that makes my stomach turn.

Pro-Palestinian protestors recently tried to stop information on the situation from being presented to legislators.


Because aid funding for Israel was a key topic of discussion at the proceedings, these pro-Palestine bozos weren't going to let officials be heard without first trying to disrupt their remarks.

They succeeded.



Then the police showed up.

"No to the siege of Gaza," one protester screamed.

"Cease-fire now," others chanted.

"From Palestine to Mexico all walls have got to go" was a popular slogan on signs during the criminal behavior.

"The world is calling for a cease-fire!" one protestor yelled. "The American people don’t want to support this brutal war. Stop the war. Cease-fire now. Stop funding this brutal massacre that Israel is doing on the people of Gaza. Cease-fire now! Cease-fire now! Cease-fire now!"

The world is going crazy. So are far too many Americans.

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