Pelosi claims credit for Democrats on deal to avoid shutdown

October 2, 2023

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), formerly the speaker of the House when the chamber was Democrat-controlled, claimed on Sunday that a last-minute deal to avoid a government shutdown was a "victory for Democrats" and a "defeat for the MAGAs."

She made the comments in response to a question by Jake Tapper on CNN's State of the Union about whether she would vote for the motion to vacate Speaker Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) leadership.

Tapper said, “House Democrats are going to seek your advice regarding this news made moments ago on the show about this pending motion to vacate Kevin McCarthy’s speakership. How will you vote, and what advice would you give your fellow Democrats on whether they can trust Kevin McCarthy if he makes Democrats an offer so he can stay in power?”

Pelosi said, “My advice to my fellow Democrats is simple. Follow the leader — Hakeem Jeffries has done a great job yesterday. We had a victory in the continuing resolution. It was a victory for Democrats, a defeat for the MAGAs.”

She then slammed Republicans for the tax cut of 2018 under former President Donald Trump -- or as Pelosi called him, "what's-his-name," which she said added $2 trillion to the debt and gave most of the benefits to people making over $200,000.

She criticized the GOP's current demands, saying, "In their bill, they would cut a huge amount, almost a third of the administration of Social Security to help meet the needs of beneficiaries who have questions and the rest.”

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