Pauly Shore recounts partying with Hunter Biden: 'He's a wild man'

November 2, 2023

It's no secret at this point that Hunter Biden, when he wasn't doing deals with communist China, was extremely active on the U.S. party scene, with a penchant for illegal drugs and escorts.

According to the Washington Examiner, during a recent interview with Fox News Channel's Jesse Watters, actor and comedian Pauly Shore opened up a bit about his experiences with the first son, going as far as to describe him as "wild."

After Watters asked him if he was familiar with the headlines regarding Hunter Biden's various investigations and scandals, Shore said he wasn't, but quickly added that he partied with the first son in Las Vegas.

"He kept wanting — he wanted to go to The Rhino. He kept wanting to take it up a couple. And I'm like, 'Whoa, bro, go easy,'" Shore said, referring to a famous Las Vegas strip club.

Shore added, "He's a wild guy."

The comedian, known for movies like Encino Man, In the Army Now, and Biodome, went on to talk about a dinner he had with Hunter Biden.

"What we were doing is we were having dinner with some atmosphere models in Las Vegas. And, you know, if you hang out with atmosphere models, eventually you can like go — you know what I mean," Shore said.

Thanks to images obtained from Hunter Biden's infamous "laptop from hell," Shore's experience with Hunter Biden is certainly believable, and probably the tamer side of what the first son was up to on the party scene.

Watters quizzed Shore on the state of California, with Shore agreeing that it has definitely seen a change for the worse over past years.

"It's different. There's a weird energy there," Shore said.

He then indicated that, like a growing number of celebrities, he's interested in moving to Texas. "I'm moving out of there and I'm moving to Texas," he said.

House Republicans continue to investigate Hunter Biden's various overseas business dealings and the depth of which his father, Joe Biden, might have been involved, although the senior Biden has repeatedly denied any involvement in any of his family's business dealings.

Only time will tell if any of the Bidens, including Hunter, are held responsible if they're ultimately convicted for anything.

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