Jewish Group Leader: Obama Legitimizing 'Unspeakable Hamas Horrors'

November 9, 2023

Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) head Morton Klein is leveling some serious allegations against one of America's recent former presidents.

For once, the person in hot water isn't Donald Trump.

It's Barack Obama.

Klein has accused Obama of "falsely and outrageously legitimizing the unspeakable Hamas horrors." The Jewish leader is saying that Obama has made "grotesque, antisemitic, and dangerous" remarks against Israel.

And WHY is Obama doing this?

Klein insists it's because Obama can, and that is because he's ACTUALLY the man pulling the strings behind the curtain at the White House.

President Joe Biden is so old and creaky that many Americans don't believe he's the one truly making decisions these days.

Many Americans think that somebody else HAS to be calling the shots.

Some people think it's first lady Jill Biden, some people think it's the entire DNC, some people think it's Michelle Obama, and some people think it's her husband.

Klein thinks it's Barry, saying that he has been "the primary person making decisions for the Biden administration."

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