Nikki Haley says US needs to end normal trade with China until it stops sending fentanyl over the border

By Jen Krausz on
 August 22, 2023

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Fox News Sunday that the U.S. needs to "end all normal trade relations" with China until they stop sending the chemicals that make fentanyl, and the drug itself, across our borders.

When anchor Shannon Bream asked how the U.S. could reasonably "decouple" from China, Haley compared the relationship to the one between Europe and Russia before it invaded Ukraine.

"China has been infiltrating America," she said. "They have started and been planning war with us for years. We have to be smart. They should not be buying U.S. soil near our military installation. They should not be killing 75,000 Americans per year by sending fentanyl over. They should not be stealing intellectual property and building up their military getting ready for war. America needs to be smart.”

She added, “We need to go and say we are going to end all normal trade relations until you stop killing Americans. They know what they are doing when they send fentanyl across the border.”

The U.S. imports from China nearly four times as much as it exports to China, and there is a hefty list of essentials we would not be able to get if we didn't get them from China.

Furthermore, we have come to rely on China for low-priced goods, which would become much more expensive and harder to get if we didn't keep trade relations normal.