Nearly 20 people shot, 5 fatally, in Democrat-run Chicago

 July 24, 2023

The Windy City may have gotten rid of Mayor Beetlejuice, but things haven't gotten any safer for Chicago's citizens under the leadership of new Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson.

ABC 7 / Chicago Sun-Times reported that 19 people had been shot in Chicago by Saturday evening.

Of those 19 individuals, five were wounded fatally. Chicago's exceptionally high level of violence doesn't seem to be improving despite the change in leadership.

When Johnson won his bid to become Chicago's next mayor, he issued a statement on Chicago's violence saying, "My heart breaks for the families, which should never have to suffer the pain of a child being shot or lost to gun violence in our city. As a father, what I want for my own children is what I want for every child in Chicago. Their safety, and their healing from trauma, will be a priority of my administration from day one and beyond. But we will not just protect our children -- we will love them, and nurture them, and give every one of them the hope and purpose they deserve."

So, what is Mayor Johnson doing to fix the city's violence? Well, he is putting more tax dollars into mental health care and "youth investment."

However, there will likely be no changes to Chicago's gun control laws, which have stripped normal citizens of the ability to protect themselves while criminals are free to spread terror without fear of retribution. Until that changes, Chicago's criminals will continue their reign of terror, and dozens will lose their lives each week.