Multiple media reports say Biden giving long-range missiles to Ukraine

September 26, 2023

Multiple media sources have confirmed that President Joe Biden told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that he would give long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine amidst modest gains to the counteroffensive it launched in early June, the Washington Examiner reported.

A battlefield assessment showed that Ukraine is now operating with armored vehicles behind Russia’s main defensive line near Verbove on the southern front.

A drive further to the South is the next step in the offensive.

“Russian forces continue to expend significant combat power on counterattacking to hold their current positions and appear to be resisting the operationally sound course of action of falling back to prepared defensive positions further south,” the Institute for the Study of War assessed. “Counterattacking requires significant morale and relatively high combat capabilities, and the Russian military appears to rely on relatively elite units and formations to counterattack, likely at the expense of these forces’ degradation.”

Three successive commanders of one of Russia's most prestigious airborne units have been killed or resigned since the war began, the Examiner reported.

The turnover shows the high casualty rates even among elite, high-ranking forces, the assessment noted. And yet, they still keep fighting even with most of the free world against them.

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