Momentum building for Democrat Dean Phillips' campaign to replace Joe Biden

 October 30, 2023

Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN) recently launched his campaign to replace President Joe Biden as the Democrat Party's nominee in 2024, and his campaign is already garnering significant support.

One of Phillips's strongest supporters so far is Real Time host Bill Maher, who said during his Friday show that, "He's the new Mike Johnson. In other words, the new guy I've never heard of in Congress. Dean Phillips, he's from Minnesota. He's Jewish. He's 54! Did I mention he's 54?"

Phillips is running to replace Biden primarily because he believes Biden can't beat former President Donald Trump and Biden is too old to serve as President for another four years.

Maher continued by saying, "I love Dean Phillips because nobody knows who the f--- he is, and that's good! You know what I know about him? He's 54, and he's got a ‘D’ next to his name. He's already got half the votes, and he doesn't have any of the baggage of the other guys."

A growing number of Democrats have genuine concern about President Biden's ability to win the election next year.

Donald Trump has become a serious force and some polling shows him ahead of Biden in key swing states.