Mitch McConnell Accuses Others Of Being 'Too Slow' In First Presser Since Second Freeze

September 8, 2023

Geez, the social awareness of these dinosaurs in America's federal government is absolutely shocking.

Sen. Mitch McConnell has completely frozen in two press conferences recently.

Once was enough. It was even a little funny. When it became a pattern, America realized that it was anything but funny. It was dangerous.

McConnell doesn't share our thinking. He has simply refused to step down, no matter how much his health deteriorates.

The Senate minority leader is clearly slowing down to the point that it's a problem. You would think that he would be aware enough to not accuse other people in the room of being "too slow."

But that's exactly what the guy who silently stands at the podium for thirty seconds at a time just called our country.

McConnell wants more American tax dollars sent to Ukraine, and he wants it to happen NOW. Anyone who doesn't want to fund Zelensky's war is simply "too slow."

The President has, I think, been too slow to keep the commitments that he’s made publicly, but at least he’s supporting the effort. I think he could have done it more skillfully. But he is supporting the effort, and I intend to continue to support it. I hope the majority of my colleagues will feel the same way.

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