Biden's DOJ wants Steve Bannon to begin prison sentence

 May 15, 2024

Joe Biden and his administration are proving that they don't want America to follow the rules of justice, they want America to follow the law of whatever the heck Biden wants.

Instead of letting America's legal process take its due course, Biden and his Department of Justice are trying to subvert the system by demanding that the judge overseeing ex-Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon's criminal contempt of Congress ORDER Steve Bannon to begin his four-month prison sentence right now.

The president doesn't just get to throw people in jail in America whenever he wants.

That's what makes our country the greatest when compared to others.

Biden seems to be forgetting that.

Is Joe forgetting because of his advancing age and deteriorating memory, or is he forgetting because he simply doesn't want to remember anything that might prevent him and his family from reaching their personal goals.

America's court system decides when people are sent to prison.

Joe Biden does not.

If Joe's confused about that, it's all the more reason to vote him out in November.

America simply can't trust Joe Biden.