Michelle Obama is at the 'top of the ticket' for Democrats hoping to replace Joe Biden

October 1, 2023

Many Democrats aren't fully on board with President Joe Biden seeking a 2nd term, and it turns out that the person at the top of the list to replace him is former first lady Michelle Obama.

Sky News host James Morrow explained "Who could replace Joe Biden if he decides not to run again? Well, there’s been a lot of talk about California Governor Gavin Newsom, but what about – hold on to your hats, folks – Michelle Obama?"

Newsom has a slew of issues that make him unappealing as a replacement for President Biden.

The governor has significant baggage that hasn't affected him in the liberal stronghold that is California. Now, once he reaches the national stage, he will run into many issues that President Biden is already facing.

Michelle Obama on the other hand is less politically polarizing, despite her undoubtedly leftist worldview.

Donald Trump would have to adjust his strategy significantly if he was facing the former first lady. However, the good news is that President Biden's hold seems unbreakable so far, and no amount of concern from Democrats will stop the octogenarian from seeking another term.

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