Kevin McCarthy calls all-member classified meeting of the House after ISIS-linked smuggler caught at southern border

 September 17, 2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has called for an all-members classified briefing for “all 435” members of the House of Representatives after an ISIS-linked smuggler was caught bringing people across the southern border.

McCarthy confirmed to Breitbart News Saturday that the discovery of the ISIS-linked smuggler had caused complete panic in Washington, D.C.

The speaker stated, "You have followed the border probably better than anyone, but I have requested a classified all-member briefing on the southern border and the troubling reports because here we have a smuggler with ties to ISIS, we’re a week past September 11, we don’t know what is coming across this border."

Republicans have been sounding the alarm for years about the southern border and the opportunities that it provides for terrorists to infiltrate the United States.

McCarthy further explained, "In February, we caught more people on the terrorist watch list in that one month than we did the entire last four years. Now, we have no idea what’s happening. The cartels have taken over. We’ve got this CNN report and they said in this report that it was so alarming that this classified information was provided to the cabinet members in the Biden administration. You’re not hearing anything else about it. I said members of Congress need to be briefed, especially on the classified [information], to tell us what is happening on the border especially if ISIS is involved here."

The Biden administration created this issue and has provided the means for terrorists to enter the United States. If Americans didn't take the border seriously before, they now know why they need to care.