Judge Denies Trump's Request To Delay Civil Trial

October 3, 2023

Donald Trump is NOT happy with Arthur Engoron right now.

Engoron is the judge who has both refused to delay Donald Trump's civil trial and recently decided that Trump has been making "fraudulent" claims about his net worth.

Either of these things would have made Trump absolutely LIVID, but after Engoron pulled both stunts, the former president could hardly take it anymore.

Donald did what many expected him to do.

He lashed out.

"Judge Engoron's Valuation of Mar-a-Lago, the most spectacular property in Palm Beach, Florida, IS FRAUDULENT!" Trump posted online. "He states a value of 18 Million Dollars, knowing full well that it is worth, perhaps, 50 to 100 times that amount. Engoron is working diligently to misrepresent me, and my net worth, which is substantially MORE than is shown on my fully 'disclaimed' financial statements. I have not even included my most valuable asset - BRAND!"

Trump then demanded Engoron resign immediately.

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