Joel Pollack Says Biden Can Be Impeached For Bribery

 March 17, 2023

Conservative writer Joel B. Pollack recently came right out and called payments from a CCP-linked company to members of the Biden family exactly what they are:


Bribery is an impeachable offense under America's Constitution.

Pollack argues that the lack of transparency about this whole indication indicates that not everything is being done in an appropriate manner.

Just because it's not exactly clear what Biden or his family did for or with the funds is NOT reason enough to keep Biden from being impeached.

Pollack contends that "Democrats reminded us again and again, throughout both Trump impeachment investigations and trials, it is not necessary that a criminal statute be violated for the president to be impeached and removed."

And if it was up to Pollack, that's exactly the direction Joe Biden would be headed very soon.

Unfortunately, it's not up to Pollack. Americans are still going to be waiting for hell to freeze over and have Democrats hold the Biden family accountable for their disgusting actions.

They sold out America. Impeachment should be the least of their worries.