Joe Biden Calls LL COOL J 'Boy' During Speech

September 26, 2023

President Joe Biden is not known for having a way with words.

Maybe that used to be considered a strength of Biden's at one point, but those days are long gone.

In 2023, Biden just isn't a good enough talker to get away with his lies and corruption like he used to.

He also is apparently unable to avoid getting into highly embarrassing scenarios as well.

Joe Biden just embarrassed himself on a national stage by referring to rap legend LL Cool J "boy."

"Two of the great artists of our time representing the groundbreaking legacy of hip hop in America, LL Jay Cool J, uhhh…" Biden started.

Even Joe picked up that he was quickly digging himself a hole, so tried to abruptly change direction.

It was at that moment that he referred to a fully grown black celebrity as "boy."

By the way that boy’s got — that man’s got biceps bigger than my thighs.

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