Jack Lew, Supporter Of Obama's Anti-Israel Policies, Named Israel Ambassador

November 1, 2023

Jack Lew has been confirmed as America's Ambassador to Israel by a vote of 53-43.

That is an interesting position for him to be in, considering Lew is most famous for being a top choice of the notoriously anti-Israel Barack Obama.

How can somebody who was appointed by an anti-Israel president be worthy of being our ambassador to Israel?

Maybe America's federal government isn't as eager to see the good guys win as we thought.

Not only was Lew former one of Barack Obama's top officials, but he is also carrying on the Obama tradition of far-left policies to this very day.

Lew is an observant Jew, which means that you would think that he would have a decent amount of sympathy for Israel.

He doesn't.

Despite being a devout follower of his professed faith, Lew is far more loyal to Barack Obama than he is to Israel.

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