House Republicans To Subpoena Antony Blinken

 March 29, 2023

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is going to be subpoenaed.

House Republicans are about to force him to turn over classified cables related to Joe Biden's disastrous premature evacuation from Afghanistan back in 2021.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Mike McCaul, a Republican from Texas, made the announcement:

We have made multiple good faith attempts to find common ground so we could see this critical piece of information. Unfortunately, Secretary Blinken has refused to provide the Dissent Cable and his response to the cable, forcing me to issue my first subpoena as chairman of this committee.

The State Department said is does not want to hand over the cable to "preserve the dissent channel's integrity."

McCaul has been trying to hold liberals accountable for Biden's premature evacuation for a while now, but has been met with resistance along the way,

"Twenty-three embassy employees were sending a very extraordinary dissenting cable, disagreed with the policy, the administration. These are the employees on the ground in Kabul — not the bureaucrats sitting in Washington," he recently told Greta Van Susteran.