Graham: NY Case A 'Systematic Effort To Destroy Donald Trump'

 October 4, 2023

In case you were wondering on which side of the Donald Trump vs. everyone fight Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sits, you now have your answer.

He's rooting for Trump and against the "systematic effort to destroy" our former president. Graham said:

It’s a systematic effort to destroy Donald Trump as a political person. His crime was he was a good conservative president. I’ve never seen hatred toward a political figure like I see against President Trump. The left will do anything to ruin his life, to keep him from being president again. And here’s the good news – if you’re a conservative – it’s not working.

Graham made the comments on Sean Hannity's show, who agreed with his overall sentiments.

"The banks got paid, the insurance companies got paid. And by the way, I should add, it says in the contract, don’t go by our valuations because they have a fiduciary responsibility to do their own fiscal valuations. You’re not gonna take the word of somebody that wants to borrow that kind of money. That’s insane," he said.

Graham concluded by saying, "The judge has ruled that President Trump committed fraud and nobody got defrauded. The judge believes that Mar-a-Lago’s worth $18 million. What a friggin’ joke. Now, here’s what’s important to people watching this show. President Trump can’t be in Iowa and South Carolina and New Hampshire. But if you live in these states, you can help him by making sure that liberals do not get away with this. Vote for President Trump."