Fox News Notices Five Signs Biden May Not Run In 2024

 August 22, 2023

It may be wishful thinking, but Fox News thinks that it has identified at least five potential reasons why Joe Biden might not run again in 2024:

1) Skeleton Crew: Joe Biden is trying to make his campaign seem healthy, but the bitter truth is that his team consists of nothing but a tiny team of staffers located only in his home state of Delaware.

2) Travel: Joe Biden is in travel mode and has been for some time. Who knows when or if he's going to be up to the rigors of campaigning in 2024. One of his recent trips took him to Arizona, where he declared the Grand Canyon one of the "nine wonders of the world."

3) Where's Kamala: America's VP is clueless. One incompetent leader is enough, but two on the same ticket? America might not make the same mistake in 2024.

4) Maui Fires: Joe Biden has done more for the people of Ukraine than he has for the people of Hawaii.

5) Hunter Biden: Enough said.