Florida GOP head says 850,000 voters swung from Democrat to Republican in the state

October 1, 2023

Republican Party of Florida chairman Christian Ziegler said on Breitbart News Saturday that it's now time for the GOP to "lay the foundation" for the general election and bragged that 850,000 voters have swung from Democrat to Republican in his state over the last few years.

“So right now, we are laying the foundation and trying to give ourselves a head start for that moment,” he said, mentioning volunteer recruitment and vote-by-mail as some of the methods for doing that.

Ziegler said he is “not the biggest vote-by-mail fan," but noted that as former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said, "we can’t sit back and let the Democrats have a head start. You gotta play with the rules that are on in the game right now.”

He went through the recent history of voting registration in his state. In 2018 when DeSantis was elected, there were 250,000 more registered Republicans in Florida than there were Democrats.

In November 2021, Republicans broke even in the state, and now there are 600,000 more Republicans than Democrats in Florida.

Ziegler attributed the swing to Florida's policies during the pandemic and “some of the other freedoms that we’ve really protected and pushed in our legislature.”

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