Federal Judge Jim Ho Says He's American By Choice

October 31, 2023

Judge Jim Ho is someone who I hadn't heard much about but is now one of my new favorite people.

He's not an American by birth; he's an American by CHOICE.

Ho has a challenge for the rest of America's public leaders, and this country would be a lot better off if they accepted it.

He challenged them to step up and be leaders.

He urged them to stop bowing to what is easy and start standing up for what is right.

He wants them to stop doing what will get the most votes and start doing what will be the most honest.

I have a challenge to America's federal leaders as well:

Be more like Ho.

"I wasn’t born in the United States. I didn’t enter this world as an American. But I wake up every morning thanking God that I will leave this world as an American," Ho said. "I like to say that I’m Taiwanese by birth, Texan by marriage. But most importantly, I’m American by choice."

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