'Facts are everywhere': Nancy Mace supports Biden impeachment inquiry

September 18, 2023

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) defended the impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden on ABC's This Week on Sunday, telling Jonathan Karl that "facts are everywhere" when questioned about whether starting the inquiry without a vote was premature.

"The facts are everywhere," Mace, who is on the House Oversight Committee, said. "There are text messages, there are emails, there are witnesses, there are whistleblowers, there are meetings, there are phone calls, there are dinners. And you can’t say, ‘Hey, there’s a little bit of smoke, we’re not going to follow the fire.’"

Mace explained that Republicans could not get all the information they needed to determine whether Biden should be impeached without a formal inquiry.

"And the inquiry, my understanding is, as you said earlier, gives us expanded subpoena powers," she said. "I want the bank records of Joe Biden. All of that should be on the table to prove out the allegations in the SARS reports. We're talking about a significant sum of money. We are talking about bribery. And in the Constitution, Article 2, Section 4, that is the basis for impeachment."

Karl tried to repeat the tired line that there is "no evidence" connecting Biden to any wrongdoing, but Mace was quick to reject that notion.

"There is evidence. You can’t say that there’s no evidence there when there is evidence," Mace said. A Daily Caller story published Sunday detailed the mountain of evidence, including witness testimony, emails, text messages, and flights that suggest Joe Biden was closely involved with the foreign business dealings and suspicious payouts of his family.

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