Dr. Ben Carson Endorses Donald Trump for President

 November 7, 2023

At one point in time, Dr. Ben Carson was a man many people believed could be America's president.

I don't think that we have to worry about Carson contending for the job in 2024, but that doesn't mean that conservatives across the country don't still look up to the good doctor.

That's why it was always going to be a big deal when Carson decided who he would endorse for 2024.

Now that Carson has made the announcement, it's become an even bigger deal.

Dr. Ben Carson thinks that four more years of Donald Trump is what's best for our country.

The reasons?

Our economy was better under Trump, our border was more secure under Trump, and America was respected more as a world leader under Trump.

Joe Biden is a weak old man who is NOT fit to be leading our country.

Watching him shuffling around and humiliating America isn't inspiring -- it's embarrassing.