Donald Trump tells Jewish coalition that Joe Biden's weakness emboldened Hamas

October 29, 2023

Former President Donald Trump spoke to the Republican Jewish Coalition on Saturday and blasted President Joe Biden for emboldening Hamas.

Trump told the conference that, "Joe Biden’s weakness caused the attack on Israel. Everywhere he goes, Biden’s weakness provokes war and death -- because as history shows, evil only respects one thing: unyielding strength."

Biden's time in the White House has been notable for worldwide conflicts and open warfare.

Compared to Trump's time in office, these past few years have been incredibly violent and bloody. There is no doubt that President Biden has failed to project strength, and the consequences have cost the lives of thousands.

Trump further stated, "Every single life that is lost in this conflict is on the shoulders of Hamas, Hamas alone -- and I think you really have to add in the word ‘Iran.' There can be no sympathy, no excuses, and no escape for these monsters. And we will do what has to be done. And yet, Joe Biden’s feeble first act … after more than 1,400 innocents, including over 40 Americans, were murdered or kidnapped … and think of this, we immediately announced that we would be sending $100 million dollars into Gaza … they take 100%."

Biden has been weak with Iran, who funds Hamas, and that led to hundreds of Israeli civilians dying in a brutal and barbaric fashion. The world is not safe with Biden at the helm of the United States.

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