Donald Trump Dominating South Carolina With Majority Support

November 1, 2023

The next time a liberal tries to tell you that Donald Trump is losing support because of his indictments in 2023, you can simply ignore them.

Like usual, they're LYING.

=Trump is more popular than ever, and recent poll results out of South Carolina prove it.

If my name was Tim Scott or Nikki Haley, a senator and former governor of the state, respectively, I would be absolutely EMBARRASSED by this.

Trump is currently leading in South Carolina. Not only that, Trump is leading BIG in South Carolina.

Our former president is actually carrying a majority in the state, according to CNN.

Quite a blow to Haley and Scott, both of whom call South Carolina their home base.

This is extremely disturbing for anyone not named Trump, as it's pretty clear that he doesn't even need to show up to debates, and he's still going to slaughter the field.

This news comes from one of the few reports from CNN that I actually trust.

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