Democrats call out media for 'bias' against Biden over impeachment inquiry

By Jen Krausz on
 September 23, 2023

Democrats have begun to demand in memoranda and emails that the mainstream news media defend and protect President Joe Biden as the impeachment inquiry into him unfolds, if they want to avoid being accused of bias.

Despite the obvious comparisons to times former President Donald Trump criticized specific reporters and news outlets for their "biased" coverage of him, Democrats insist they are not doing anything wrong in pressuring reporters not to report negatively about him.

Former White House spokesman Eric Schultz alleged there were "ample proof points" that the media were repeating false information.

"The stakes couldn’t be higher, even as reporters cling to neutrality in a contest between democracy and autocracy," Schultz said.

Other accusations include the media covering Biden's gaffes and his age, in addition to reporting negative things about the economy.

Biden himself has complained that reporters often ask about things that have "nothing to do" with the event at hand.