Democrats Admit Biden 'Harming American Workers'

 March 7, 2023

When Republicans say that we need to watch out for Americans first, they are instantly called bigots or racist.

Think about any Republican you've heard talk about needing to secure the southern border or maybe wanting us to send less money to Ukraine.

It has NOT gone over well, with many liberals simply resorting back to their tactics of calling Republicans bad names. That's why it will be so interesting to see how to they respond to Democratic Senators Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Bob Casey of Pennsylvania.

Specifically, Brown and Casey are upset about the tariff waivers that President Joe Biden awarded to four Asian countries. Doing this was supposed to stop China from profiting off of American consumers by making it more affordable to buy from these four.

Instead, it's just made China profit even more, simply shipping THROUGH these four countries without paying tariffs.

Brown and Casey recently wrote to Biden, arguing that "circumvention of U.S. trade law is indisputably happening, and it is harming American workers and industry."

Will they be considered heroes or villains?

Only time will tell.