Comer issues subpoenas for bank and personal records of president's son, brother

October 1, 2023

Last week witnessed the initial hearing in the Republican-led impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, and as part of the probe, House Oversight Committee chair James Comer (R-KY) issued subpoenas for personal and bank records from, among others, first son Hunter Biden, as The Hill reports.

The long-awaited move does not touch only upon the president's son, however, as Comer also subpoenaed records belonging to Hunter Biden business associate Eric Schwerin as well as President Biden's brother, James Biden.

Notably, Comer's subpoena power is also being used to explore potentially questionable wire transfers received by Lion Hall Group and JBBSR, Inc., entities controlled by James Biden, as Breitbart noted, with the chairman explaining that the panel was unable to determine the existence of any “legitimate services provided” by the companies.

Following the conclusion of Wednesday's hearing, Comer announced the use of subpoenas to secure additional records in the panel's probe, suggesting that they would shed even more light on what has already been revealed through months of digging.

“From day one of our investigation of Joe Biden's abuse of public office, we've followed the money, and that continues with today's subpoenas for Hunter and James Biden's bank records,” Comer began.

The chairman continued, “Bank records don't lie, and coupled with witness testimony, they reveal that Joe Biden abused his public office for his family's financial gain.”

In documents officially requesting the records, Comer said, “The subpoenaed bank records will help the Committees determine whether Joe Biden abused his office by selling access and/or by receiving payments or other benefits in exchange for official acts, which is a critical aspect of the Committees' impeachment inquiry.”

According to Fox News, the subpoenas at issue “compel records, including account statements, direct deposits, deposits, cashier checks, wire transfers, electronic transfer payments, credit and debit card records, loan documents and other records related to Hunter Biden; his shell companies Owasco, P.C. and Owasco, LLC; Skaneateles; business associate Eric Schwerin; James Biden; Lion Hall Group, LLC, and JBBSR, Inc.”

Records already received and reviewed by the panel, according to Comer, “reveal a pattern where the Bidens sold access to Joe Biden around the world to enrich the Biden family.”

“As the Bidens were sealing deals around the world, Joe Biden showed up, met with, talked with, shook hands with, and had meetings with the foreign nationals sending money to his family,” Comer declared.

He went on, saying, “This culture of corruption demands further investigation. The Oversight Committee, as well as the Committees on the Judiciary and Ways and Means, will continue to follow the money to determine whether President Biden's involvement in his family's corrupt business schemes makes him compromised and threatens our national security.”

According to the House Oversight Committee, the Biden family – together with its associates – took in over $24 million between the years of 2014 and 2019.

Those takings, according to the panel, came as the result of selling “the brand” – Joe Biden – all over the globe.

According to Ways & Means Committee chair Jason Smith (R-MO), Joe Biden “was not just aware of his son's business dealings, but in fact he was connected to them,” and that the newly issued subpoenas will yield bank records that “will bring us closer to the truth” and represent an “appropriate – and necessary – step to following the facts where they lead.”

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