CIA Officer Accused Of Drugging And Raping Taps Celebrity Memory Expert For Defense

September 26, 2023

A former CIA officer who is facing very serious accusations of drugging and raping women is doing exactly what you would expect a corrupt elite to do.

He's turning to the same people who defended other elites accused of the exact same things.

Brian Raymond, 47, a former CIA officer who is being accused of drugging and raping at least 25 women, has tapped the same memory experts for his defense trial that testified at the trials of Bill Cosby, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Harvey Weinstein.

Birds of a feather flock together.

They also drug and rape together, apparently.

It's pretty clear that this is just a case of another scumbag thinking that he's too important for the law to apply to him.

One of the people who will be part of Brian Raymond's defense is Dr. Deborah Davis.

"Dr. Davis will explain that a person in a period of black-out from alcohol consumption may be able to demonstrate consent to sexual activity through physical and verbal action," according to a court document.

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