British Russiagate journalist ordered to pay court costs after being found guilty of defamation

November 10, 2023

British journalist Carole Cadwalladr has been ordered to pay 60% of the court costs of Leave.EU founder Arron Banks, against whom she was found guilty of defamation earlier this year.

Cadwalladr repeatedly accused Banks and the Brexit movement of having nefarious ties to Russia, which were never substantiated.

The journalist was already ordered to pay 35,000 pounds to Banks when the verdict came out earlier in the year, but the order for legal costs adds approximately one million pounds to her tab. The case has now exhausted all appeals.

She has already raised the money to pay Banks through crowdfunding, but it is unclear whether she has the money to pay her own legal costs for the case.

The narrative paralleled that of journalists in the U.S. who accused Donald Trump of colluding with Russia to get elected but who could also never find any evidence to support those accusations.

Maybe Trump should sue them for defamation so he can pay off his legal fees and a possible $250 million in a civil suit if he loses.

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