'Breaking Biden' Author: People Fought To Keep Biden's Secrets

November 3, 2023

Alex Marlow is gaining a decent amount of fame for his new bestselling book, Breaking Biden, which exposes the truth and corruption of the president's crime family.

As a result of his newfound popularity, Marlow has gained the opportunity to tell his side of the story in more places, and that's a good thing.

America needs to know the TRUTH about Joe Biden and his family.

Joe Biden is NOT a friendly old grandpa just trying his best during difficult times.

According to Marlow, Joe Biden is the PROBLEM.

"Joe Biden is the problem. Hunter Biden is the problem. If the laptop -- we know about the laptop. We know about the cell phone that Hunter was paying for that Joe was using. This fits right in with that. We know about Devon Archer’s testimony. We know that Devon Archer used to meet with people on behalf of the Biden family, and said, flat out, that any claims that the Biden family is not working together on their businesses is categorically false. This is a friend of the Biden family saying that," the author recently said.

Marlow continues, "So, people fought viciously to keep this information under wraps. Now it’s out…just starting to come out, all we have are numbers and we know a few aliases. But we don’t know what was being discussed. I’ll tell you what I think was being discussed...I think it was deals with China, deals with Qatar, deals with Kazakhstan, and probably a bunch of others. There’s no other reason for Joe to be this clandestine about his communication, other than that he wants it to be a secret."

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