Boston Red Sox legend Tim Wakefield passes away at 57

October 2, 2023

Tim Wakefield, the legendary Boston Red Sox player who won two World Series titles with the team, passed away on Saturday at age 57 after battling brain cancer.

The Red Sox issued a statement saying, "Our hearts are broken with the loss of Tim Wakefield. Wake embodied true goodness; a devoted husband, father and teammate, beloved broadcaster, and the ultimate community leader. He gave so much to the game and all of Red Sox Nation. Our deepest love and thoughts are with Stacy, Trevor, Brianna, and the Wakefield family."

Wakefield led an impressive and long career beginning with the Pittsburgh Pirates organization in 1988 and a pro debut in 1992.

Wakefield would go on to sign with the Boston Red Sox where he would spend the rest of his MLB career.

He would pitch for the Boston squad until he was 44 years old and, in that time, helped the team to two World Series wins, the first of which broke an 86-year championship drought.

The sudden loss of Wakefield hit family and fans hard, as his battle with brain cancer only went public this past week. Wakefield leaves behind a loving family and an American story that will be remember long after his death.

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