Boebert Admits She Was Kicked Out Of Play For Being Too Loud

September 14, 2023

Lauren Boebert, a Republican representative from Colorado, had a bit of excitement over the weekend.

Boebert planned to sit through a production of Beetlejuice at Buell Theatre, but she wasn't able to make it through the entire production.

Boebert herself is admitting that she was removed for being too loud and disrupting other customers.

There are also allegations that Boebert was vaping in the theater.

An usher was quoted recounting the situation:

"They told me they would not leave. I told them that they need to leave the theater, and if they do not, they will be trespassing. The patrons said they would not leave. I told them I would [be] going to get Denver Police. They said 'go get them," the theater employee recounted.

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