Editor of noted science journal fired over posts critical of Israel

October 25, 2023

The editor of life science journal eLife was fired this week after he shared social media posts that were anti-Israel and pro-Hamas.

Michael Eisen posted on X on Monday that he had been fired for sharing an article by The Onion that was critical of Israel's response to a brutal attack by Hamas.

"I have been informed that I am being replaced as the Editor in Chief of @eLife for retweeting a @TheOnion piece that calls out indifference to the lives of Palestinian civilians, Eisen said.

"Dying Gazans Criticized For Not Using Last Words To Condemn Hamas," the article was titled.

Eisen is a geneticist at the University of California who is Jewish, but that didn't stop him from criticizing his own people.

He said he was horrified by the Hamas attack but thought Israel's response was just as bad.

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