Biden Israel Ambassador appointee supported anti-Israel policies under Obama

By Jen Krausz on
 October 31, 2023

President Joe Biden's appointee to become ambassador to Israel, Jack Lew, while an observant Jew, has backed anti-Israel policies under the Obama administration.

Lew served as Treasury Secretary under former President Barack Obama, and in that capacity, he supported the Iran nuclear deal.

Israel opposed this deal fiercely and knew that it wouldn't keep Tehran from getting nukes.

When Netanyahu appeared before a joint session of Congress to urge lawmakers to back the deal, Lew condemned the action as "beyond the pale" and a "huge mistake."

Lew also traveled the world telling nations Iran was essentially open for business as long as the U.S. wasn't involved.

Unfortunately, Lew was confirmed by the Senate on Tuesday 53-43. Can't wait to see what he'll put Israel through for as long as he lasts.