Biden dogged by rumors he will pull out of 2024 presidential race

October 30, 2023

Key Republicans are quietly floating the idea that President Joe Biden will not end up running for president in 2024 and that Democrat power brokers will replace him at the last minute to avoid a potential loss due to his advanced age and diminished mental state.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said a few weeks ago on his Verdict podcast that it's a very real possibility Biden will be replaced by Michelle Obama.

“So, here’s the scenario that I think is perhaps the most likely and most dangerous,” Cruz said. “In August of 2024, the Democrat kingmakers jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama.”

"I feel like they’re grooming someone, and we all know it’s not Kamala [Harris]," GOP presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) told the Ruthless podcast last week. "So I think they [Democrats] have a backup plan because every time I listen to the current president speak, I’m like, 'Is this getting harder?'"

“Republicans peddling blatantly false conspiracy theories is nothing new — it’s easier than telling the truth about their election-denying, abortion-banning, and Social Security-cutting platform," Biden campaign spokesman Kevin Munoz said. "These sources would also have you believe we faked the moon landing and that Tupac is hanging out with Elvis on an island somewhere in the Caribbean."

"These lies don’t change the fact that Joe Biden will again beat MAGA Republicans and their twice-rejected agenda in 2024 as his party’s nominee for president," Munoz continued.

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