Biden Admin Lying About Budget Warnings Impacting Firefighters

September 23, 2023

Biden administration officials have been caught.

This time, they're not getting away with their massive lie.

Federal data shared with Fox News reportedly contradicts the Biden administration's recent assertions that thousands of federal firefighters will soon quit without congressional action.

The Department of Agriculture's Forest Service and the National Federation of Federal Employees have been warning for months that the federal government will run out of money to pay firefighters by Sept. 30.

They expect up to half of the entire workforce to quit as a result of the "pay cliff."

Jaelith Hall-Rivera, the USDA's deputy chief for state and private forestry, testified that "30% to 50% of our firefighting workforce would leave the service and go elsewhere" if legislation didn't promise funding for firefighter wages.

But something isn't adding up here. The Forest Service's wildfire risk reduction account still has $109,000,000 left in it. That's enough to keep paying firefighters for at least a month beyond Sept. 30.

Somebody is fibbing here. Of course, the federal government is involved.

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