Barack Obama silent on whether Michelle will run for president

October 3, 2023

Former President Barack Obama did not answer a question about whether his wife Michelle Obama will run for president amid rumors that she could replace President Joe Biden as the nominee in 2024.

A reporter shouted the question about whether Michelle would run off-camera as Obama left Funke restaurant in Santa Monica, and Obama mumbled something but did not directly answer the question.

Michelle Obama is vacationing apart from her husband on a yacht owned by Steven Spielberg on the Italian Riviera and is also with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) said during his Verdict podcast in September that he thinks the most likely scenario will be that Democrats "parachute" in Michelle Obama to replace Biden a few months before the 2024 general election and that the prospect is "terrifying" for Republicans.

First of all, Cruz said, Obama is still relatively popular with Democrats and with the public generally outside of conservatives.

Second, by entering the race at the last minute, Republicans would not have enough time to campaign against her, which would give her an advantage.

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