11 dead, 60 injured after church's roof collapses during Sunday Mass in Mexico

October 3, 2023

Eleven parishioners died and 60 more were injured after the roof of a church in Mexico fell in during Sunday mass, trapping at least 30 people underneath it.

The collapse happened while around 100 parishioners were taking communion during the mass in the Gulf Coast location of Ciudad Madero.

By Monday, police confirmed 11 deaths and said 60 others were injured, at least two of them seriously.

Three of the dead were children, as well as several of the injured, including a four-month-old child, three 5-year-old children, and two 9-year-old youngsters.

"We lament the painful loss of people who were there celebrating the baptism of their children," Bishop José Armando Alvarez of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Tampico said.

The diocese struck a hopeful note, saying, "From underneath the rubble, thanks to Divine Providence and the work of the rescue teams, people have been pulled out alive! Let’s keep praying!"

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